In an illusory environment shadowed with sub-conscious sensuality, three women tackle the question: If fear simultaneously hinders intimacy and protects against pain, what risks are we willing to take to re-discover trust? The dancers secrets, partially revealed, sneak through the music, leaving listeners unable to decide what is and isnt real. Using rough displays of force, voracious technical articulations, and probing gestures, dancers drag each other into one anothers nightmares. Within, desperation for trust leads into a raw power struggle and platonic intimacy opens into an tender exploration of sensuality. As promises destabilize in a world of double-alliances and shifting sexual identity, the women must re-claim their own ability to find tenderness.

Choreography and Poetry by Alisa Fendley

Performed at Dixon Place in 2012 by Alisa Fendley, Masumi Kishimoto, and Christina Chelette and at Space on White by Alisa Fendley, Masumi Kishimoto, Christina Chelette, Amelia Munro, and Melissa Ramos

Outdoor photography by Adam Baer

Music by CocoRosie, Temper Trap, Helios, and Balmorhea

Watch it!

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