Tear Yourself Together

Tear Yourself Together is a wild adventure into the darkly comedic lives of the five masochistic dancers and their ridiculous interactions. Salsa music, vibrant lime-green costumes, and quirky characterization give the piece the feeling of a drunken dance party set in a salsa club. Aside from the surface comedy, the piece tackles issues of inner desperation masked in superficial pleasure, the struggle to get attention via unhealthy relationships, and the presentational nature of gender.

Tear Yourself Together premeired at New York University’s Department of Dance in February 2010 by Matthew Cichon, Titilayo Derricotte, Moses Kaplan, Nathalie Matychak, and  Alex Megan Schell and has since been performed at The Raw Festival DanceNOW[NYC], The Hatch Presenting Series, and Triskelion Arts Comedy in Dance Festival.

Watch it!

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