Why we dance:

Fingerprints Projects strives to remind us of our ability to touch others and leave a lasting impression. Dance, as an art form that grows out of the human body, should allow us to experience something universally human, yet intricately and intensely personal, and in this way, save us from our isolation. As Artistic Director, I strive to make audiences feel more tangibly alive.

I aim to submerge audiences in new emotional landscapes that spark metaphor, imagination, and liberation. I use articulate physical specificity and multifaceted concepts to arrange the human body and its emotional and intellectual contents in ways that surprise audiences. I create a theatrical movement environment that showcases the power of the human body in all of its strength and vulnerability.

Choreography must push against barriers of communication to display ideas that need more than language or imagery to be fully felt and understood. Fingerprints Projects dancers train to be completely immersed in their multi-sensory awareness of and connection to their surroundings. They aim to scrape the edges of our skulls and chests, clearing space for the entrance of transformation.

Fingerprints Projects’ work ranges from a fast-paced, athletic, and quirky style to moments of tender human emotion and includes any elements that help us to push a concept to its potential and beyond. So far we’ve included text, film, slinkies, swings, sunsets, actors, aerialists, tutus, humor, and hula-hoops. We are eager to expand the horizons of the physical form to catch and share a deeper significance.

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