Come fly with me! Learn incredible tricks, feel the elation of being airborne, stretch and strengthen your body, and push yourself to new heights!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have experience on an apparatus, I can help you to optimize your aerial experience.  Contact me to arrange an aerial class or workshop to suit you or your group perfectly. Chose trapeze, bungee, wall-running, silks or hoop and get ready for flight! I will guide you through fun stretching and conditioning exercises, targeting muscles that will assist you once you get onto the apparatus. Once in the air we will begin with fundamental wraps, poses, climbs, and inversions, focusing on alignment and technique that will prepare your body for more advanced tricks, sequences, and eventually breath-taking drops and flips.  Artistry and style will be integrated along the way so by the end of class you’ll have a new skill you can perform with confidence.

Defy gravity! Contact me for your private or group lesson today: